Who performs the Census

The Census is managed, coordinated and safeguarded by the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO), in accordance with Act No. 332/2020 Coll., on the Census of Population, Housing and Dwellings in 2021. The CZSO is also the sole administrator of all personal data collected. Czech Post is an important partner of the 2021 Census, providing Census Officers and a network of over 800 Contact Points.
Who performs the Census
Czech Statistical Office
The Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) is an independent central body of state administration, independent of the government and political parties. It acquires and processes data for statistical purposes and provides statistical information to state and local authorities and the public. It also respects the right to equal access to statistical data for all and safeguards the objectivity of information.
An Infoline and online support have been set up for the public. 2021 Census Contact Points at the regional administrations of the Czech Statistical Office and selected branches of Czech Post are also available. Contact with the media and specific persons about the 2021 Census is provided by the press spokesperson and the regional managers of the 2021 Census.

2021 Census Infoline

• +420 274 056 789
The 2021 Census is the largest statistical survey in the Czech Republic and offers a number of interesting job opportunities.