Online Census Form Help

Online Census Form Help
Online Census Form Help - text
What an electronic census form is
  • a comfortable and user friendly tool for easy filling in of data within the 2021 Population and Housing Census
  • it is accessible via a web application and mobile applications for the Android and iOS platforms
  • it serves as a modern alternative to the paper form distributed by Czech Post
How the form works
  • it is a highly secure system for collection of data from respondents (persons completing the form)
  • it is maximally instructive, ordered by individual questions, which are displayed in separate windows; it contains instructions and help directly together with individual questions
  • in addition to that, it offers support in the form of a chatbot (an automatic system for answering users’ questions) (The chatbot is available in the Czech version only.)
  • as the form is being completed, it adapts to the data already entered and always offers only relevant questions
  • the system of checks automatically alerts the user (respondent) to errors when filling in the form and prevents moving on to the next question without correction of those errors
  • it is accessible to persons with disabilities, controllable, understandable, and stable in compliance with the Act No 99/2019 Sb (Sb stands for Collection of laws of the Czech Republic.)
Where to find it and what it is compatible with
The web application will be available at the following address
Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer
Mobile applications will be available in the respective stores for the iOS and Android platforms. Or search for "Sčítání2021".
Working with the form
  • it will take about 20 minutes to fill in the form; it depends on the number of household members and your preparation prior to completing it
  • if you want to save time necessary for the completion of the form, prepare in advance (see What to prepare before filling in the form)
  • until the completed form is sent, it is possible to return to the completed questions and make any necessary corrections
  • you will be called upon to check the data again prior to sending the form
  • at the moment of sending the form, the data will cease to be available for further adjustment or viewing
What to prepare before filling in the form
For signing in
  • using the number of your ID document (e.g. your identification card or passport) issued in the Czech Republic and your date of birth (see Possible authentication methods for signing in): have this ID document at hand
  • via NIA – have, for example, your banking identity or your electronic identification card, or another electronic identification means (for more see from where you can sign in)
  • via your data box for natural persons (Data Box Information System, DBIS): have your user name and password available for signing in
For filling in data about your dwelling (flat)
  • address of your place of residence at the relevant time of the Census (midnight from 26 to 27 March 2021)
  • size of your dwelling (flat) in m2
  • number of your dwelling (flat) if your dwelling (flat) is located in a multi-dwelling building or the name of the owner of the dwelling (flat) if applicable
  • heating method and source of energy / type of fuel used for heating the dwelling (flat)
For filling in the form for other persons living
  • their name, surname, and year of birth
  • for detailed entry of data for such persons (if they do not fill in the form themselves using the link – see When multiple persons fill in the form), particularly:
    • birth certificate number (“rodné číslo” in Czech) or number of an ID document issued in the Czech Republic (e.g. identification card or passport) and date of birth
    • usual place of residence one year prior to the Census
    • the first usual place of residence after birth
Parts of the form and procedure for completing them
The form comprises the following sections:
  • Usual place of residence
  • Information on the dwelling (flat)
  • List of all persons (entry of persons who live together)
  • Entry of information on persons (education, employment, etc.)
  • Checking of entered data
You will be able to start filling in the electronic form:
  • upon being authenticated (see Possible authentication methods for signing in)
  • when the address of your usual place of residence is found (see Filling in the address of the usual place of residence, selecting from the list of dwellings (flats))

Following authentication, you will fill in the information about your place of residence and information about your dwelling (flat) ) – the guide will instruct you on completing individual questions (for details see: Filling in the address of the usual place of residence, selecting from the list of dwellings (flats)).

Relationships between the members of households:
  • the first person to fill in the form shall not state any relationship to other persons
  • each additional person shall state his/her relationship to all other persons filled in before him/her
  • a relationship shall be stated only in one direction (i.e. person A to person B), a symmetrical relationship shall not be stated
Classification of persons into individual households:
  • if all of the listed persons do not form one household, you must assign them to individual households
  • the number of households is limited to the number of persons; each person must be listed in one household at the maximum
  • for transferring a person between households, first remove him/her from the original household, then assign him/her to another one
Possible authentication methods for signing in
For authentication of your identity for signing in to the electronic census form, you can use three different methods:

Document number, document type, and date of birth
  • to sign in, you can use your identity card, passport, or in the case of foreigners a document issued to foreigners in the Czech Republic, too (e.g. a long-term visa, long-term residence permit, permanent residence permit, residence card of a family member of an EU citizen, residence permit for foreigners in Czech called “průkaz o povolení k pobytu pro cizince”)
NIA – eIdentity
  • you can use any of the possible ways to sign in on this portal, most often via an electronic identification card or a banking identity; for information about authentication methods visit the following website: (Czech only)
Data Box Information System (DBIS)
  • if you have a data box of the natural person type (in Czech: “Fyzická osoba – FO (40)”) and it is functional, you can use authentication via the data box system
Using the Citizen Portal to sign
  • if you sign in to the Citizen Portal using NIA (e.g. by means of an electronic identification card), you can start filling in the electronic census form directly from the Citizen Portal
  • first, it is necessary to add a tile from the register of services (search for the Online Population and Housing Census service), then click on the 2021 Population and Housing Census tile and you can start to get counted
Filling in the address of the usual place of residence, selecting from the list of dwellings (flats)
Address of the usual place of residence
  • the address of the usual place of residence is filled in only by the person stating that he/she resides in the Czech Republic
  • it is the address where you actually reside, where you have your household, and where you spend most of your free time (not necessarily the address of your permanent place of residence)
  • if you do not reside in the Czech Republic, enter just the country
  • when you start writing in the address field, the autocomplete function will offer options from a complete list of all valid addresses for the territory of the Czech Republic (a maximum of six addresses will be displayed at once)
  • if the offer does not contain your address, it is necessary to make the entry more specific
  • if the autocomplete function still does not offer your address, it is not possible to continue in completing the form (you must wait for a visit from a census officer (census enumerator) and fill in a paper census form)
Selection from the list of dwellings (flats) (autocomplete function)
  • if you live in a multi-dwelling building, select from the list of dwellings (flats):
    • if the dwelling (flat) is not listed, the question “In which dwelling (flat) do you live?” shall be skipped
    • if the dwelling (flat) is listed, you can select your dwelling (flat) from the list
    • if the dwelling (flat) cannot be found in the list, you have the option of selecting “I cannot select / different dwelling (flat)” from the menu
Answering question “Where do you go to work or to school?“ during the Covid pandemic

Fill in the data about commuting to work or school according to whether work or education will still take part at your home after anti-epidemic measures are over. If you already know now that you will continue to work from home, fill in the address where you live. It is assumed that most students with distance studies will start commuting to school after the epidemic ends. In this case, answer the questions according to the address of your school.

Sending the form
  • you can send the electronic census form after it has been completely or partially filled in
  • partial sending is possible if the information on housing, household, and at least the person who filed the form has been filled in
  • prior to sending, you have the possibility to check the entered data
  • after sending, the application will generate the number of the sent electronic form and a copy of all entered (filled in) and sent data
When multiple people fill out the form
  • if the person who filed the electronic census form completes common questions pertaining to housing and households as well as data about himself/herself, he/she can have a unique link generated for filling in data for another person or persons after partial sending
  • every person who uses the unique link has to be authenticated before he/she starts filling in the form (see Possible authentication methods for signing in)
  • upon authentication, it is possible to select persons for whom personal data will be filled in
  • a person filling in the form on the basis of the sent link
    • does not see the data from the already filled in and sent parts of the form of other persons
    • can save the incomplete part of the form
  • for repeated access to the saved incomplete part of the form it is again necessary to use the sent link and the same authentication method and the password entered when saving the form
How to interrupt filling in the form
  • when filling in the form, you can save the incomplete form at any time
  • when saving the form you will be asked to enter a password by means of which you will be able to sign in to the form again
  • when returning to the saved form, for the authentication always use the same ID that you were authenticated with when you filed the form
  • if you forget the password, it will no longer be possible to return to the saved form and you will have to start filling in again!
  • in the case of authentication by means of NIA or DBIS, no password is required when saving the form
What to watch out for
In the following situations, there is a risk of losing entered data and the necessity of filling in the entire form again:
  • if you forget your password (entered when saving an incomplete form and in the case of authentication by means of document number, document type, and date of birth)
  • if you send the form only partially (not all persons will be filled in) and forget to have a link generated (you do not save it or you lose it)
  • if, when reloading the saved form, you use an authentication method other than that you authenticated with when filing the form (you will not be able to open the saved form)
  • after 10 minutes of inactivity you will receive a security notification and if you keep on being inactive, you will be logged out. If you have not saved the incomplete form, you will lose the data filled in up to that time.
Who to turn to when having problems with filling in the form?
  • ask the chatbot (The chatbot is available in the Czech version only.) (in the lower right corner a symbol with the following text on the website in Czech: “Potřebujete poradit?”)
  • call the Census contact center +420 253 253 683 (an ordinary land line) or +420 840 30 40 50 (a chargeable white line)
  • write to the following e-mail address: