From Saturday, you can also get counted via the paper census form

15 April 2021

On Saturday 17 April, the paper phase of the 2021 Census starts. Paper census forms (questionnaires) will be distributed to households of those who have not got counted online yet by census officers (census enumerators) while maintaining strict anti-epidemic measures.

The Census is thus getting to its second phase. Until 11 May, it will be possible to fill in and submit the paper census form (questionnaire). Besides that, the Online Census is still running concurrently, which has been extended due to the epidemic situation. “We are emphasizing that as much people as possible use a more comfortable online way to get counted, even when being helped by somebody else. For those who cannot use this possibility, there are paper census forms. In cooperation with the Czech Post we have adopted measures allowing for this phase of the Census, too, to be carried out contactlessly, safely, and in compliance with requirements of public health officers,” Marek Rojíček, President of the Czech Statistical Office, said.  

Census officers (census enumerators) will deliver paper census forms (questionnaires) together with return envelopes to households in which somebody had not got counted online. Especially health safety will be the priority. “The census officer (census enumerator) will only ring the doorbell and wait outside the house for a household member to come, similarly as when delivering of recorded delivery. He/she will utterly respect current hygienic measures and will be equipped with a respirator and disinfectant. Moreover, he/she will have passed a coronavirus test with a negative result, of course. Without that a census enumerator will not be allowed to go to the field,” Roman Knap, Director General of the Czech Post, assures. About ten thousand census officers (census enumerators) of the Czech Post will be involved in distribution of paper census forms (questionnaires).

The census officer (census enumerator) will come within a four-hour time period announced in advance. The term cannot be changed; however, if he/she finds nobody at home, they will come once more. He/she will again inform about the new term in advance. Distribution of paper census forms (questionnaires) is a service for citizens who cannot or do not want to get counted online. If you do not want a paper census form (questionnaire) because you are still going to get counted online or because you have already got counted online, you do not have  to wait for the census officer (census enumerator). When the census officer (census enumerator) rings your doorbell, simply inform him/her about it. We are all obliged to get counted, however, it is our decision in which way we do so.

From 17 April, you can also obtain the paper census form (questionnaire) on over 800 contact points of the Census. You can find them in selected branches of the Czech Post and all Regional Offices of the Czech Statistical Office. To get a list of addresses of the Census contact points, see the section called Contact Points on the website or directly on the website of the Czech Post.

Until 11 May, you can submit the filled in (completed) form in two ways. Either you will simply put it in any post box (for free in the return envelope that you will receive together with the form) or you will submit it (hand it over) at any of the contact points. A basic guide for filling in the form is a part of every question in the paper census form (questionnaire), too. You will also find a wide scope of information on the website in the section called Enumeration.

Informational support and help for the public with filling in of census forms (questionnaires) is also provided by the 2021 Census Contact Centre. The Centre is operating daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the following phone numbers (Info Lines): 253 253 683 (an ordinary landline) and 840 30 40 50 (a chargeable white line). You can also ask by sending an e-mail to or via chat in a virtual advisory centre for the 2021 Census.


Jolana Voldánová

2021 Census spokeswoman
Mobile phone number: +420 704 659 357

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