Data protection

All personal data are processed in accordance with applicable laws. Persons who become acquainted with data from the Census are obliged to maintain confidentiality. Any handling of data is thoroughly documented, and personal data, after they have been processed, are subject to complete anonymisation, erasure, or destruction. Only summary statistical results will be published; they will be published in such a manner that it will not be possible to deduce from them any relationship with specific persons.

Data protection
Personal data management

The Czech Statistical Office is the sole controller of all personal data provided during the 2021 Census. The data are managed under and to the extent laid down in the Act No 332/2020 Sb, on the 2021 Population and Housing Census and on Change to the Act No 89/1995 Sb, on the State Statistical Service, as amended, in compliance with the valid EU and national legislation on personal data protection and only for as long as necessary. Detailed information can be found on the page called Personal data protection.

(Translator's note: “Sb” stands for the Collection of Laws of the Czech Republic.)


The 2021 Census uses modern, time-tested technologies not only for data collection but also for data protection. Their level complies with valid legislation.
GDPR and 2021 Census

Processing of personal data for statistical purposes complies with all principles of personal data protection under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The 2021 Census represents a special processing category given not only basic protection under the GDPR but also protection under special legislation.

Protect your data with us!

Within measures taken to protect your personal data it is very important for you to log in to the census form at only by typing the address into a web browser or via links published exclusively on the website. The electronic census form will be available on the address from 27 March to 11 May 2021.

Never use links to the electronic (online) census form (questionnaire) sent to you by e-mail from an unverified source or those that you find on other, unofficial, sites.

The only place where personal data are filled in during the Online Census is the electronic census form available at or in the “Sčítání2021” mobile application. Make sure that you are actually at before entering any personal data.

Verify that you are on the Online Census site where it is safe to fill in a census form by checking the web address in your browser window and checking all the information in the site’s security certificate.

To view the site’s security certificate, after entering the address, click on the lock icon that will appear in front of the site address. From the menu that appears, select Certificate. The certificate information you will see should be as follows:

Issued by: GeoTrust EV RSA CA 2018
Valid from: Wednesday 13 May 2020 2:00:00 AM
Valid to: Tuesday 18 May 2021 2:00:00 PM
Subject: CN =, O = Czech Statistical Office, L = Prague, C = CZ SERIALNUMBER = 00025593, = CZ, = Government Entity
Serial number: 0645215ea879da6c8e7421d3d3a0247d


Duty of confidentiality

Persons who become acquainted with individual data in connection with the preparation and processing of the 2021 Census are obliged to maintain confidentiality of the data under all circumstances. In relation to that, persons performing data collection or data processing sign confidentiality agreements before they start their work for the Census; their pledge of secrecy (confidentiality agreement) continues to be valid also after the Census is finished.

Cookie policy

Basic information

  • On the website, where the application of the electronic census form (questionnaire) is located, we only use cookies necessary for functioning of the given web page, its proper displaying, and its security. In this case, saving of cookies does not require your consent and for proper functioning it must be allowed.
  • To have cookies allowed on websites of administrators of identification systems that you will use to verify (authenticate) your identity is necessary as well.
  • On the information website, we use cookies with your consent to make anonymised statistics about the number of visits and user behaviour while browsing the web pages. You can disable those cookies in your browser's settings whenever you want to.
  • Using of cookies in the electronic census form (questionnaire) on the website and on the information website is in compliance with the body of law of the Czech Republic, especially with the Act on Electronic Communication and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  

Detailed information

Within operation of web pages serving to the 2021 Census project, cookie files (cookies) are used in the sense of provisions of Section 89 (3) of the Act No 127/2005 Sb, on Electronic Communication (hereinafter referred to only as “Act on Electronic Communication”). It applies to small data files stored by web pages in your computer or a mobile device at the moment when you start using the web pages.

  • First party cookies are such files that are stored at visiting a respective web page. In addition to that, web pages may potentially use external services that also store their own files – so-called third party cookies.
  • Permanent cookies are such ones that were stored in your computer and are not deleted automatically after you close your browser – unlike temporary cookies that are always deleted after the browser is closed.
  • Besides the support to ensuring operation of web pages and the web application, cookies can also be used for processing for statistical purposes at fulfilling tasks of the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) within its scope of activity determined by the Act No 89/1995 Sb, on the State Statistical Service, and the Act No 332/2020 Sb, on the 2021 Population and Housing Census and on Change to the Act No 89/1995 Sb, on the State Statistical Service, as amended, and in order to check whether financial means are spent in an economic and effective way in the 2021 Census project realisation in the sense of the Act No 219/2020 Sb, on Property of the Czech Republic and its Acting in Legal Relations.

Technical details

How do we use cookies?

Web pages within the 2021 Census project usually use first party cookies, i.e. cookies controlled by the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO), not by an external entity. In case you use services of authentication via the National Point for Identification and Authentication (NIA) or via the Information System of Data Boxes (ISDS), it is necessary to also have allowed cookies of those domains. Third party cookies are used by the Czech Statistical Office only on its information website, only with your consent, and solely for analytical and statistical purposes.

What types of cookies do we use?

  • Cookies to enable web page operation, so-called operation cookies, that we have to save in your device so that the given page can function; for this type of cookies, your consent is not required in accordance with the provision of Section 89 (3) of the Act on Electronic Communication;
  • Cookies for access to the electronic census form (questionnaire) – within making the electronic census form (questionnaire) for the 2021 Online Census accessible on the website, necessary first party cookies will be used, i.e. those of the Czech Statistical Office. These own cookies serve to ensure functioning of the application, its security, and statistics of operation and are processed via a service for management of performance and availability of applications called Azure Application Insights from Microsoft. Without those cookies, functioning of provided services cannot be ensured. They serve only to technical (not, for example, to marketing) purposes. Therefore, when you block those cookies in your browser, it is not possible to fill in the electronic census form (questionnaire);
  • Cookies to collect statistical data (about user behaviour while browsing) that are subsequently anonymised and used for statistical purposes. The Czech Statistical Office uses these cookies not only for internal purposes and analysing of possibilities how it can enhance quality of services provided to users but also for the purposes of making statistics related to the progress of the online Census and providing of these statistics to the public. Essentially, these cookies find out how a user was working with the web page. The user remains to be anonymous, because nobody can be identified based on data collected by these cookies. Anonymised statistics processed by an analytic tool called Google Analytics from Google also can be used for purposes of implementation of communication projects of the Czech Statistical Office in relation to drawing of funds that have been spent on these projects. Consent with their use is granted by adjusting settings of your browser;

Cookies in the electronic census form (questionnaire) at

To ensure operation of the website and of the application of the electronic census form (questionnaire), the following data are obtained: Pageviews (information about the total number of visits for a given period); Sessions (the number of visits during individual hours of the day); Application load speed; Source of the visit (from, from somewhere else); Users / device (version of the operating system or a browser); Users / location (information about the country and town/city/municipality); Visits (information about the time spent in the application); Form (the time spent filling in the form and saving it); Failure (data about a problem in the application). Data are saved and processed in the territory of the EU.
We obtain the aforementioned data by means of an analytics tool called Azure Application Insights from Microsoft.

Cookies at







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until the end of the session



Contains statement about provision of information about the scope and purpose of data storage so that the user won’t be asked again during his/her next visit.

30 days



Source application detection

28 days


When a user decides to make the electronic census form (questionnaire) available while using another form for his/her identity verification than via his/her ID, besides cookies necessary for proper operation of the network communication also cookies of administrators of identification systems, i.e. NIA (National Point for Identification and Authentication), ISDS (Information System of Data Boxes), and of others will be used. It is impossible to ensure functioning of provided services without those cookies.


Cookies of third party (Google Analytics) with consent at





it is used to distinguish unique users

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it is used to distinguish unique users

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it identifies individual visits

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it identifies individual visits

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an additional tool to inform users about using of cookies on our website

until the end of the session


Use of cookies - you are in control

All standard browsers enable to set whether cookies will be saved in the computer of a user and they allow to delete already saved cookies. Besides permanent blocking of cookies , it is possible to manually delete these files from the computer (usually by the following keyboard shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + Delete) after every visit of a web page.

See or Google Privacy & Terms for more detailed information about Terms of Service and Privacy Policy  in relation to the Google Analytics service. We use the “anonymizeIp” extension and therefore IP addresses are processed only in shortened form in order to exclude direct personal identification.


Data security

Pieces of information that will be used for the aforementioned purposes are secured in compliance with legal regulations providing for the issue, especially in compliance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter referred to only as “GDPR”), in compliance with the Act No 110/2019 Sb, on Personal Data Processing, the Act No 127/2005 Sb, on Electronic Communication, and the Act No 332/2020 Sb, on 2021 Population and Housing Census and on Change to the Act No 89/1995 Sb, on the State Statistical Service, as amended. In compliance with Article 28 of the GDPR, the Czech Statistical Office has concluded for these purposes a contract on personal data processing with an entity called the State Treasury Shared Services Centre (in Czech: Státní pokladna centrum sdílených služeb). This state entity is a provider of guaranteed services of a national supervisory centre, including cyber security in state administration, and in cooperation with the Czech Statistical Office it ensures administration and operation of platforms of systems for implementation of online data collection and for storage and processing of data collected within the 2021 Census.