Census contact points will open on Saturday 17 April

16 April 2021

Together with the start of the paper phase of the 2021 Census on 17 April 2021, hundreds of contact points will also open where it will be possible to pick up and submit (hand over) the paper census form (questionnaire). Staff of the contact points will also give advice on how to fill in the form and answer potential questions.

Over 800 contact points of the 2021 Census have been established in selected branches of the Czech Post and in all Regional Offices of the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO). Counters (windows) of the contact points have the 2021 Census logo on them and their operation will be ensured while respecting all currently valid epidemic measures.

A sticker of the 2021 Census will be placed on both the entrance to the building and the relevant counter (window). Signs showing directions inside the buildings will help you find the way; in some branches of the Czech Post it will be possible to print a ticket with the order number in the automatic calling system.

“To be given the paper census form (questionnaire), one has to tell the address where he/she lives and potentially the number of the dwelling (flat), too. On the Census contact point, it is also possible to pick up the paper census form (questionnaire) for other persons. It is true for that case, too, that you have to provide the address of usual residence and, potentially, the number of the dwelling (flat) of the person or the household you pick up the form for,” Marek Rojíček, President of the Czech Statistical Office, says.

Contact points will be in operation from 17 April up to 11 May, when the Census will finish. Opening hours are the same as office hours of the branches in which they are established. If opening hours for the public are modified in such branch within anti-epidemic measures, the operation of the counter (window) of the Census contact point will be adjusted in the same way. Their addresses including their opening hours are available in the application for searching for census officers (census enumerators) and contact points of the Census at scitani.ceskaposta.cz. Those pieces of information can also be obtained from public noticeboards of municipal authorities, over the phone number 253 253 683, or the e-mail address dotazy@scitani.cz.

In the contact points of the Census, it will be possible to pick up the paper census form (questionnaire) with a return envelope. It will also be possible to submit (hand over) the completed paper census form there. For foreigners and members of national minorities (for the case they need it), also printed translations of the paper census form (questionnaire) will be available there in 7 languages – English, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and Romany. They will serve as an aid for completing the original census form in Czech.

It will also be possible to hand over the completed paper census form (questionnaire) at any post office until 11 May or to submit it by putting it in any post box in the return envelope that has pre-printed address and its sending is free. A basic guide for filling in the form is a part of every question in the form (questionnaire). You will also find necessary information on the scitani.cz website.

The 2021 Census will take place up to 11 May. From 17 April, also census officers (census enumerators) will start to distribute paper census forms (questionnaires) to households that had not got counted online, namely on terms (dates and time periods) announced in advance. In order to protect health and with regards to the current covid-19 situation, census officers (census enumerators) will hand over the paper census forms (questionnaires) outside houses. Those who will not get counted online until then will have an option whether they will fill in (complete) the electronic census form or the paper census form (questionnaire). Distribution of paper census forms (questionnaires) is a service for citizens who cannot or do not want to get counted online. If you do not want a paper census form (questionnaire) because you are still going to get counted online or because you have already got counted online, you do not have to wait for the census officer (census enumerator). When the census officer (census enumerator) rings your doorbell, simply inform him/her about it. We are all obliged to get counted, however, it is our decision in which way we do so. The CZSO recommends to use the electronic census form (questionnaire) because it is easy, fast, and completely contactless to fill it in.  


Jolana Voldánová

2021 Census spokeswoman
Mobile phone number: +420 704 659 357
e-mail: jolana.voldanova@scitani.cz

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